Tom and Cait Morton roam the US sharing their adventures with their two dogs in their ‘Mortons on the Move’ blog. They recently installed solar panels on their RV. A battery module from a used Tesla Model S was also installed. The entire process was posted as a set of videos you’ll find below.

Mortons on the Move - Tesla Battery Solar RV

Mortons on the Move – Check out how Tom Morton installed four solar panels on top of his RV

The first phase of this installation involved mounting and wiring the solar panels on their RV.

Phase 2 saw the Mortons installing a used Tesla Model S85 battery module to store the energy generated by the solar panels. The Modle S85 contains 16 individuals modules, each putting out 5.2-kilowatt hours of power. This phase also involved dealt with challenges incorporating the 24-volt Tesla module into the RV’s 12-volt system, using a 24-volt inverter and a charge controller