This map shows the average daily amount of energy produced by a 1-kilowatt solar power system in every state.

Your location determines how much electricity is produced by each kW of solar power installed on your home. Seasonal changes affect power output, so estimates on the map are a yearly average of power output for 1kW of solar. Differences also exist within a state based on location and weather. Daily solar power production varies across the country, from 2.8kW per day in Wisconsin to 4.8kW per day in Arizona.

Factors that cause solar panels to produce less than their maximum rated output

Allow for the following factors to estimate how much power solar panels produce in a given area:

  • Inverter Inefficiency – while converting power from DC to AC most inverters will lose 3-5% of electricity
  • Cable/Line Loss – resistance in copper cables causes the loss of small amounts of power while transferring electricity
  • Dirty Panels – dirt, grime, or anything creating shade on solar panels will reduce their power output
  • Temperature Loss – solar panels are rated based on what they produce at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. As solar panels get hotter they lose efficiency which reduces power output compared to the same panel at a lower temperature.

Each estimate on the map above assumes production for systems pointed south at an optimal tilt angle in an area with no shade.